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Hello my dear bloggers!

Today I am going to tell you about our last adverture while learning ICT's at my master's degree. Now we are working in groups as to create an infographic. You can learn more about my team mates here:

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The name of our common e-project is: “Travelling around Europe”  and within it we decided to create a final activity for our students to learn about the physical and political features, as well as about some of the most distinguishing representations of some European countries. Therefore,  our aim in this task is to create an infographic explaining how to carry out this final activity.

An infoedugraphic is a visual representation of data. To carry out and design our own one , we chose Piktochart, because some of my peers had already used it I had the opportunity to learn about it. Piktochart is a perfect tool to create attractive infographics, presentations or reports for our lessons. Among its features we can highlight the templates, backgrounds, graphics and different types of letter. When you finish your design, you can also download it in different formats or share it.  We cannot think of any disadvantage since we consider that it worked fantastic and allowed us to accomplish the task without any problem.

We believe we can use the Infographic for many purposes in our classrooms. For instance, we can use it to support learners with special needs, as it allows the teacher to present information in a more visual way, or to clarify those concepts that are usually more difficult to understand. Furthermore, due to its ease of use, students can use it too.  For example they could use it to summarize their learning. In this way, apart from reviewing one subject content they would also have the possibility to practice their ICT skills!WHere you are the link to our infographic: The Olimpic games in Europe


I hope you like it!

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