sábado, 30 de abril de 2016


Hello my dear bloggers!

          As I have told you in previous posts we have been working in teams for the past tasks, and today I would like to tell you about our last task as a team. 
My team mates, From left to right; Elena, Ana, Natalia, Victor, Lola and Me

          After looking at several tools we have chosen Screencast-O-Matic as the best one to create our tutorial because its free version is got a lot of utilities that could do with our purpose about the tutorial; select part of the screen, use webcam on the side corner, insert audio and record up to 15 minutes.  Nevertheless we also had some problems with the tool, since it usually blocked and we finally ended up using imovie to produce the movie using the previous recording we had from Screencast-O-Matic.
          Here you have our final result, I hope you find it both amusing and useful to learn how to use Piktochart.

          We have been asked to create a tutorial as to learn how to help our future students with any educative tool. Since we had planned and infographic for our team project we have decided to create a tutorial as how to use piktochart.

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