martes, 1 de marzo de 2016


     Hello bloggers!

     History is one of the hardest subjects for primary children to learn, this is usually related to the fact that past and future concepts are very abstract to them. Therefore, Timelines can be very useful in order to teach them history in a meaningfully way.

     Downwards, I am listing several ideas and resources to face timelines in our classrooms.

  The website I have used is and its utility can be similar to those for Pinterest regarding the teaching purposes, you can organized web and resources according to topics. The main different is that Pinterest is organized from the perspective of a picture so that it is got a more visual effect upon the viewer (I will let yourselves decide whether this is always an advantage or no)

      In my opinion is wonderfully recommendable to teachers that would like let their students work online on a project by proposing several - previously checked - sites.

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