martes, 29 de marzo de 2016


Welcome back to my blog!!!

   Today I would like to introduce you my assessment proposal.

   The evaluation strategies have been implemented from three different perspectives: self-assessment, peer-assessment and teacher assessment.

   Self assessment guaranties the children necessity of reaching their learning goals. Assessment for learning have been taken into consideration through all the activities. Children will have access to all the contents they will need to learn from the very beginning, so that they know what they have to learn. In Quizzer our pupils can check if they are really achieving knowledge or if they are lacking information. More over they have different checkouts lists to fill at the end of each classroom, so they make sure they are doing what they are expected to do.

   Peer assessment is the foundation of the whole didactic sequence. Children will be matched into team groups to carry out most of the activities. By this they will help and learn from each others while learning new contents along with other skills.

   Teachers feedback will be given during lessons and individually when needed. Rubrics will be used to ensure a fair and adequate assessment to the achievements.

   An individual evaluation will be carried during two lessons at the end of the didactic sequence. The children will have to fulfil an exam at the classroom. The exam will also be uploaded for them to check if needed. They will be expected to sit for an exam which questions are similar to the lessons activities, to end with they will have to create their own habitat and justify its characteristics.

   Here you are the evaluation of the project:

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